This Pooch Loves Relaxing in The Hot Tub After a Long Day

After a long day of stress, be it from work, studies, family, or whatever it may be; there are few things that can help you relax and ease off from all the hardships of daily life than getting into a nice hot bath. A warm tub of water can instantly turn a day from a bummer to total luxury in just a matter of seconds. As you will see in the following video, dogs can like them just as much as we do, apparently.

The pup in the video loves hot tubs, sure, but he doesn’t exactly relax in them all that much. He seems to prefer a bit more activity in his bath. As you’ll be able to watch in the clip just below, he uses the water jet to massage himself and splash about, and from the look on his face, it’s pretty clear that he absolutely loves it.


Her dad, Danny Sam, who uploaded this cute video, says that the pup, Cuzzie, loves to do this every time that she takes a bath, and she loves the warm water, too.

This pooch is hilarious in the hot tub. No doubt she has some rough days, chasing her tail and such. She is definitely deserving of having such a luxurious bath. It is a shame she can’t have bubbles too.

This Pooch Loves Relaxing in The Hot Tub After a Long Day