She Loves Her Plastic Cup. Watch What She Does When Her Owner Tries To Move It! ROFL!

The video below features an adorable little parrotlet named Dax. You could also call Dax the real life “angry bird.” One thing you need to know about her? She LOVES her cup. Whenever someone touches her plastic cup, this little birdie goes nuts! She freaks out in the cutest way possible and it will surely leave you smiling!

Animals and birds can get attached to things just like humans do. We have all seen dogs attached to stuffed toys or even horses attached to balls. But sometimes an animal develops an attachment to an everyday object that kind of makes us wonder, “What? Why?” That’s the case with this bird.

In this clip, we can see Dax’s owner reaching for a plastic cup that Dax is really attached to. He’s trying to reach for the cup and move it around, just to tease Dax a little bit. He obviously knows how she will react or he wouldn’t have been filming this for all of us to see.

Little Dax chases his hand, demanding her cup to be left alone. It is quite a laugh! I am still wondering what it is about the cup that makes this parrotlet love it so much. Maybe it is attached to some fond memory in her mind. Or maybe she just likes the color. It’s a mystery. This little girl will surely bring a smile to your face!

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