She Loves Her Teddy Bear, But Watch What This Dog Does When Mom Takes It For A Wash

Most of us had a favourite toy growing up and probably didn’t like to be without it for very long. For many people, it was usually a teddy bear, and surprisingly enough, many dogs also have a favourite toy, or in the case of this dog in the video, a favourite teddy bear. Teddy bears have lots of fans all over the world, and this Golden Retriever in this video is one of them. This cute dog loves her little toy and she just can’t do without it. One day mom noticed that the teddy bear was pretty dirty, so she tried to give it a wash. You’ll be in hysterics when you see what the dog did next though!

Her owners know how she feels when she gets separated from her favourite toy. According to her dad, she is besotted with her toy and can’t go anywhere without it. So they came up with a “sting operation” to see how long it would take her to steal the teddy out of the washing machine, knowing she would come looking for it. When the dog rescued her teddy bear in just a few minutes, I cracked up laughing. She is just too cute going to rescue her teddy bear from the washing machine.

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