Loving Husband Gets Her Wife Tattooed On His Arm After 59 Years Of Marriage! He’s AWESOME!

Marriage is a complicated stage of life that not everyone gets to carry out successfully. That’s why it’s so impressive to see couples like this one, who’ve been married for almost six decades! Arthur Burch and her wife Patricia have been together since they met when they were just of teen age. In their latest anniversary celebration, this lively and lovely grandpa pulled off something that you’d never expect, and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! You can’t be scared of growing older after seeing videos as awesome as this one.

This tenacious man went to his local tattoo shop, called Good Luck Tattoo & Piercing Parlor, and he was inked by the artist Don Childree. He wanted to do something special to show his eternal love for his wife, and decided to do something that’s definitely unorthodox and unexpected, but beautiful nevertheless, and really goes to show his commitment to her! He tattooed his wife’s face on his arm, and the artist did an amazing job of capturing her on the ink. Arthur really shows us that age does not limit one’s capacity for fun and excitement.

Don’t miss this incredible feat, in the clip right under here!

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