Loving Man Sings “You Are My Sunshine” Through Window to Girlfriend in Assisted Living

When you hear about a man serenading his girlfriend through a window, it sounds like something you’d see out of a romantic comedy on Netflix. Ed Oliver Bohld showed his girlfriend, Mary Lou, that these things happen in real life too.

The adorable couple met over 25 years ago. Mary had to move into an assisted living facility around five years ago, but that hasn’t stopped Ed from spending time with the love of his life. He says that he visits her every day since she moved in.

With new safety guidelines in place because of the coronavirus, Ed can no longer spend an afternoon inside catching up with Mary Lou. Like the gentleman he is, Bohld decided to get creative with how he could visit her.

After the facility denied his request to sing to her through the window, he brought a local news media team with him and asked the staff to bring Mary Lou to the window. As the rain poured down, Ed was able to sing “You Are My Sunshine” as he encouraged her that things would be better again soon.