Loving pet helps his daddy to wake up from a coma.

There are a lot of good reasons to believe that dogs are man’s best friend, they are constantly trying to protect us from any dangerous situation and moreover, their playful spirits always cheers everyone’s day. From the moment we start to take care of them, an unbreakable bonding between a man and a puppy is born, there are many stories that can serve as an example for this topic but we assure you the next one is the best example of loyalty.

Due to a difficult illness, a senior man named Andy had to be separated from his Schnauzer/poodle doggie. In 2012 the doctors and medical staff of the hospital determined that he was suffering from bowel cancer and must start immediate treatment in order to cure his disease.

Against all the odds, Andy managed to win this complicated battle and survive it one step at a time. Nevertheless, his immune system wasn’t going to be the same. The low level of white blood cells in his body allows any infection or bacterial agent to grow very easily becoming a major problem if is not handled with care. Last winter Andy developed a severe case of pneumonia as a result of this side effect.

The situation was rather delicate, that’s why the doctors suggested performing an induced coma to improve his critical condition. Using some medicines usually pentobarbital or thiopental Andy was going to sleep for a long period of time, this would allow him to gain strength and completely recover from his illness.

Considering all the options they had Andy and his wife Estelle agreed to do the special procedure, hoping for the best. To make him feel comfortable and give him all the help she could Estelle decided to bring reinforcements to the hospital room, she brought his puppy Teddy. In general, pets are not allowed inside the hospital’s facilities, the obvious reasons are noise and sanitation, but they made an exception for this case and let Teddy accompany Andy while he was under the coma for one week.

In a wonderful gesture of loyalty, Teddy spent the whole time at his friend’s side waiting for him. For everyone’s surprise instead of being a one-week procedure Andy miraculously woke up sooner than expected, doctors say that the presence and barks of Teddy may have helped Andy to wake up earlier, speeding up his recovery process.

After surpassing this terrible episode, Teddy’s was awarded by The Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They even made him an honorary ceremony to celebrate his heroic actions, if it wasn’t for him Andy’s health would have been under the balance. If you want to see more about this wonderful story click the video below and enjoy how the power of love can surpass anything!