Loving Photo of Wounded Marines Family. When His Wife Goes To Get His Prosthetics. So Sweet!

Joining the military can be a life or death decision. If you join you may not always be fighting for a cause you believe in. Or even think is morally right. If you join you must be sure. You must love your country and believe that joining is your duty. You must have some motivation for joining. Something worth coming back to. Something willing to fight for. This is the case of Staff Sgt. Jesse Cottel.

Jesse joined up for his wife, as well as pride and country. When he signed up he knew there could be bodily harm, damage, wounds that may not heal. Things may be inflicted on him just for being American. When Jesse was deployed, he found the unfortunate answer to which. On a mission as they walked around on patrol, Jesse kept his eyes open wide, looking for various-click.

Below him, mid thought his life changed. The resulting explosion, triggered by lifting his foot from an IED, blew him away. His team gathered around him through the poof of dust. His screams dream them in as they rushed to apply emergency care to stabilize the staff sergeant. The medical calmed him, telling him he was in good shape. He wasn’t bad off considering the condition he could’ve been in. The possibilities of what could have happened…

He lost his legs that day and has been working with prosthetics and physical rehab programs. He has a fairly firm grasp on it but always room for improvement. The things this man has had to overcome would humble most. Not this young man. He continued on and on with his therapy, without even an inch of defeat. Through his experiences he found Kelly, his now wife. Kelly has been there for the Staff Sargent time and time again. He said something to the effect of his carrying him emotionally at times as well.

Wow. Staggeringly impressive. The photo that went viral turned it to be not only adorable but also warmly intimate. Share the story with a friend, brighten their day, start a conversation. Find a connection and help them enrich their lives.

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