Loving Pit Bull & Puppies Are Rescued From Streets. Heart Breaking Sight Left Me In Tears.

Being homeless is a scary reality for some animals, human or no. To be without a home and a constant source of food can bring a variety of problems. Ranging from medical, like hunger, diseases, and problems with your immune system since you aren’t being fed constantly. Not everyone sees a homeless dog and thinks, “Maybe they need food.” Yet even when homeless dogs have been found wandering around, it’s the mental and physical aspects of how they are affected that can make many wary. What if they have rabies or fleas or ticks of some sort? This would be in my “Reasons to Help” category, but many see this as an unwanted task. Even a simple phone call would help them in most cases, if they aren’t taken to a kill shelter.

When we stumble upon the heart-breaking sight of one pit bull taking are of puppies, It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes. I know I couldn’t believe the amount that they went through, I can’t imagine taking care of puppies if it were hard enough for me to take care of myself. It can be a daunting and horrifying reality. Some dogs have a huge heart and look out for those that are younger or less capable of defending themselves. It must take the heart of a mother to defend these young babes and make sure they survive right alongside you.

What did you think of this amazingly tragic story? I know I couldn’t believe that someone would abandon these dogs, and even more so, I was amazed by the pit bull who picked up the slack. We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a “Like” for us on Facebook, share this heart-breaking story with a family member or friend and help raise awareness, and don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below. We appreciate you, thank you.

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