This Loving Widowed Husband Planted 4 Miles Of Sunflowers In His Late Wife’s Memory.

If you happen to drive by the Wisconsin State Road 85, you might realize that the sun shines a little bit brighter nowadays. Usually it was just corn and soybeans fields all over the place, but now, there’s a huge stripe of 4 miles of length and 60 feet of width, and it’s all thanks to one man who’s got all the love to give. His name is Don Jaquish, and he started this amazing flower project when his now late wife passed away. The woman’s name was Babbette, and though she is no longer with us, her memory will live on forever in a big field full of her favorite flower, thanks to her beloved husband.

Babbette lost her battle with cancer this past November, and it hasn’t been easy for Don at all, ever since. But he is not going to let the sadness take over him, and he’s not going to let the memory of his wife fade away, either. Babbette always loved flowers, as Don recalls, and he says that sunflowers were by far her all-time favorite. Knowing that life is not about pain and suffering, but about the beauty and joy that it gives us, he decided to honor her memory with the most beautiful thing that she always loved.

It’s one of the most touching stories that I’ve ever watch, and you can watch it for yourself right below.

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