Low-carb buns cleverly packaged as rock hard abs

Low-carb buns rock hard abs packaging

They are the little things you do as an entrepreneur that attract clients your way. You have to be very creative to get clients and make a sale in any competitive market.

Your game must be at another level if you are selling sugar-loaded carbs to a health-sensitive population- particularly the elderly, vegans, and people with chronic diseases to make a profit.

Manna Chu, a Taiwanese cosplayer, has just shown the world how creative packaging can yield lots of gains for businesses that deal in carb-loaded buns and other confectionaries, particularly in cities.

Low-carb buns rock hard abs packaging

Well, Chu has presented his YouTube followers with a rather extraordinary photograph of “Fit Buns,” whose packaging mimics that of rock-hard abs. The creativity in this photo is just high-notch.

Anyone looking at Manna Chu’s photo for the first time could wonder why it was used in a bakery setting. At first, a viewer is hit by the image of a masculine man pulling his t-shirt to showcase his rock-hard abs.

The image is even made complex by the man’s lower wear. Apart from the shouting green belt buckle, the blue jeans give any onlooker the confidence to question why the package is in a bakery store.

However, one gets the natural feeling of what is in the package after taking a couple of seconds to review the rock-hard abs and the “FIT BUNS” label, which confirms the real identity of the content inside.

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