This Loyal Dog Stays At Site Of Family’s Car Crash For Almost Half Of A Month Before Being Discovered

One day Kathy Wilkes-Myers was walking along the highway when she set her eyes on something strange. She noticed a Rottweiler wandering the open roads. However, it didn’t seem like a stray dog at all.

The dog, named Ella, was found thin and weak, surviving only on the water from a drainage ditch. The strangest thing is that Ella didn’t act like a stray dog, besides, she was trying to demonstrate that she wasn’t abandoned. So, Kathy did some investigation.

She remembered there had been a terrible car accident right where she found Ella. When she returned to the accident site, she noticed a pile of wreckage and personal items.

It turned out that the dog had been collecting some personal things left of her family.

Kathy assumed the drivers must have been dead, but she called the highway patrol anyway. Luckily, they were alive and Kathy got their names and contact numbers. Moreover, the owners thought Ella was dead as she was thrown from the car during the accident and rescuers couldn’t find her. In fact, the poor dog had to spend 13 days scavenging and waiting for her family to return. Thanks to Kathy the family reunion happened!

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