Lucky Bear Makes Most Amazing Catch! When You See The Look On His Face! Too Good!

Bears have a very bad rap. They are thought to be vicious killers.. which, yeah, they have earned, due to the fact that they CAN be that. There are bears that are known to track down and hunt campers, so it’s a smart idea to stay far away from them as possible. This doesn’t mean be cruel and kill them unnecessarily. It just means to give them a wide berth, even the one that we see in this video.

A woman is a passenger in a car that’s driving around some kind of park. She looks out the window and sees an enormous bear behind a fence. Rather than do what would be my first reaction, “FLOOR IT. NOW!”, she waves to the bear. The bear plops down on its haunches, pauses for a second and then suddenly jumps over the fence and devours everyone inside. No, actually, he just sits there and then kind of goofily waves back at the woman.

Questions will abound about the bear’s behavior. Some may think that he was being genuinely friendly. Who knows? Perhaps he smelled what the lady had in her hand and knew that doing something like this would up his chances of getting that. Either way, it was fun to watch and the woman and the driver take off with her giving the bear a double thumbs-up. The bear, lacking opposable thumbs, can’t reciprocate that, sadly.

What’s really cool is when she throws a piece of bread the bear’s way. Without moving, he snags it out of the air like a hockey goalie denying a goal. I would not want that paw anywhere near my head – it made the bread look positively tiny. Like a basketball player can make a ball look tiny when he palms it. If that bear were mad, he could separate my head from my shoulders with that same paw.

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