Lucky Guy Wins An Auction With $600… Of Over Half A Million Dollars In Gold And Silver! WOW

When people try to imagine how it would be to find a long lost treasure, they usually picture a secret map that leads to a hidden cave, a chest buried deep in the ground, or the bottom or the sea. Or maybe even a forgotten box in an abandoned building. But you could never imagine yourself finding it the way the man in the video featured below did. Just watch for yourself!

It began when a man who rented a storage unit passed away one day. He did not have any contacts left on the storage agency, so they decided that auctioning off its contents in order to be able to rent the space again would be appropriate. The bidding process was hardcore, because they didn’t reveal the contents of the unit before the auction, so the contestants did not have any idea what they could be buying into.

A rookie in the world of auctions and storage units won the auction with a bid of $600. It was a leap of faith, but he believed he would at least make some of it back, and you never know right? Right, he did not imagine at all, that the unit would contain over half a million dollars in gold and silver coins. There was so much of it, he couldn’t even carry it to his truck by himself!

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