Lucky street musician performs with a surprise guest star

Going to a live concert can be a lot of fun, but nowadays it definitely isn’t cheap. If an event is at any of the larger venues out there, affordable seats are so far back you can hardly even see the performers. Might as well stay home and watch the concert on TV in the comfort of your own living room instead of on a stadium Jumbotron.

One ultra-affordable way to hear live music is to listen to street musicians. Not merely affordable, it can literally be free, although really, it’s nice to leave a donation as a way to encourage their work (and help them pay their bills).

Piccadilly Circus is a famously busy square in the West End of London. It’s said that if you spend a little time in there, you’re certain to run into someone you know. That’s kind of what happened to street musician Henry Facey one day after he took up his usual spot and put his guitar case out to receive the day’s donations. He didn’t run into someone he knew, but someone he certainly knew of: none other than rock and roll superstar Rod Stewart!

Stewart himself was once a young busker in London back in the early 1960s, so he surely has a soft spot for his street corner successors. Hearing Facey performing his version of “Handbags and Gladrags,” Stewart couldn’t resist the opportunity to give one of today’s street musicians some encouragement. After introducing himself, as if any introduction was really needed, Stewart borrowed the microphone and launched right into the song while Facey delivered an inspired accompaniment on his guitar. The passersby who stopped when they recognized the guy who was singing got quite a treat!

Check out the video posted below — it’s always nice to see a performer who can earn a small fortune from a single concert take the time for a free impromptu concert like this one. Let’s hear what you thought in the comments at Facebook. Don’t forget to like and share!