Luke Bryan Halts Performance To Show Country Guys How To Really “Shake It” For The Ladies

One thing is for certain, country music star Luke Bryan loves having fun with his fans. This was very apparent at the 2012 Country Music Awards Fest, when Luke called one lucky fan onstage to dance.

Luke definitely has some great moves, and he invited Steve onstage to see if he could match them. Once Steve started grooving, though, Luke was disappointed with his fan’s style.

What’s a country star to do? Why, it’s time to teach the guy to dance, of course! Luke yelled, “Stop everybody, hold up. Steve, this ain’t cutting it” as he mimicked Steve’s attempts dancing.

All the ladies in the crowd started screaming as Luke transitioned from imitating Steve to doing his own booty shaking moves. “Girls want some of this right here, son,” he said.

So steve did what Luke was doing, and the whole crowd went wild! Luke, proud of his teaching skills and his apt pupil, started chanting, “There you go! Go Steve, go Steve, Go Steve!”

You’ve got to check out Luke shaking his booty onstage in the video below! What did you think? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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