Luke Bryan Invites Bullied 9-Year-Old With Tourette’s Onstage For The Moment Of A Lifetime!

They say that music is a powerful medicine. It can reach us through our darkest days and pull us back into the light, or just give us strength to make it until the next sunrise. For Connor Offill, music has been a saving grace.

Connor is a 9-year-old boy with Tourette’s syndrome. Throughout his life he’s been bullied for being different. His peers pick on him because of the leg braces he has to wear to keep from walking on his toes, and his inability to control his tics.

There’s one thing that always makes Connor feel a little better, and that is country music. When he comes home after a hard day at school he’ll put on some of his favorites like Brett Eldredge, Brad Paisley, and Luke Bryan.

When Luke Bryan came to Connor’s hometown as part of his Kick Up the Dust tour, Connor made sure he had tickets. He went to the show and held up a sign reading “My dream is to meet and sing with my hero Luke”.

Luke saw the sign in the crowd and immediately took notice. Even though the country music star had no idea about Connor’s background or bullies, he invited Connor onstage and gave him a huge treat.

To make matters even better, Connor’s two other heroes, Brett Eldredge and Brad Paisley, did the same thing when they came to Cincinnati on their tours! Young Connor has surely been blessed by music.

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