Luke Bryan invites a young fan onstage. Check out what he does next!

Do you like country music? I absolutely love it. I grew up listening to pretty much only country music. My favorite singers were Willie Nelson, Clint Black, Dolly Parton, and others. We used to have a country music channel back in the day, and I used to listen to it all day every day. I learned to play the guitar and soon enough, I was trying to play my favorite hits.

My parents took me to a couple of country music concerts when I was a teenager. I loved the atmosphere at the concert. I never thought that going to one concert would be so fun. There’s nothing like listening to the artist perform live. I thought it would be difficult to do because of all the people that were there, but you even forget about the crowds.

My father was a die-hard Willie Nelson fan. He used to tell me that no one sang country music like him, although some people have gotten very close. He has a son with his same name that has uploaded a few videos on YouTube. One of my favorites takes place at a bar. You can see a bunch of people just hanging out at a bar on a Friday evening.

There’s a piano player in the bar that evening, and he is playing some music while the people mingle. Willie Nelson Jr. is at the bar that evening having a drink with his friends. Suddenly, he decides to take the microphone, and everyone sits back because they know that something special is about to happen.

He starts singing one of his father’s classics and if you close your eyes, you can swear it’s Willie Nelson Sr. himself doing the singing. Young Willie inherited his father’s singing voice and character. People there start recording with their cellphones and even offer to pay a couple of drinks for the singer. He finishes his song and people start asking for more.

The next video also features a great singer by the name of Luke Bryan. Luke is a household name in the country music industry and is known for having a lot of interaction with people during his concerts. One day, he is singing when he sees that one fan, a very young one, wants to join him on the stage. So, he does what any country music singer would do, and then goes the extra mile!