Luke Bryan’s Incredible Surprise Visit Leaves A Family Of Fans In Tears. So SWEET!

When Diane Taylor learned that her kidneys were shutting down, she knew she was in need of a miracle. Her daughter delivered that miracle when she donated one of her own kidneys to save her mother.

“If I didn’t do something, I was going to die,” Diane said. “If Lisa wasn’t here and able to step up, I wouldn’t be here talking to you today.”

Lisa submitted the story of her and her mother to a show called “Knock Knock Live”. The show informed her that they wanted to air the story, but it got cancelled before they had the chance.

The producers of Knock Knock Live didn’t give up on Lisa’s story, though. They got in touch with her all-time favorite artist, Luke Bryan, and shared her story. Luke jumped at the opportunity to spend a day with this selfless woman.

When Luke showed up at Lisa’s house, she totally lost it! What a surprise to see her idol standing on her doorstep. Luke Shared some of the details of the fun-filled day (which included Lisa’s mother, Diane) on his Facebook page.

Watch Lisa’s amazing story in the video below!

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