“He gave me chills and I never get chills…” Singer Wows Judges with a Voice Like Andrea Bocelli

Performing live in front of a studio audience can be a nerve-wracking experience. This is especially so when the stakes are high and you are trying to put your all into your performance in order to impress the judges. Thankfully, Luke Swatman is not your everyday performer. This boy knows how to put on a show!

This video showcases Luke’s blind auditions for the hit TV series ‘The Voice UK.’ Luke chose to perform the song ‘Il Mare Calmo Della Sera.’ It was obvious from the start of his performance that he chose well. The song allowed him to play on his strengths since he wanted to show off his incredible vocal range and control.

As Luke delved deeper into the song, his beautiful voice gave me goosepumps. I am not a fan of opera but Luke’s powerful performance certainly made me a lot more interested in the genre.

The judges continued to enjoy his performance all the way to the last stanza of the song. The audience pleaded with them to press the buzzer in order to ensure Luke went on to the next round of the competition. They all knew he had what it takes to become one of the finalists. No one wanted to see him go home, and he would not advance to the next round if he did not receive a buzzer before he ended his song. The pressure was on!

Luke’s poor mother, who was backstage, started to cry as she watched her son put on a killer performance although he was yet to receive the buzzer of approval from any of the judges.

Neither Luke nor his mother could hide their emotions when he finally got a buzzer from two of the judges. He smiled from ear to ear, while his mother sobbed audibly backstage. It was a touching moment and you will feel inclined to celebrate with them too.

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