This Luxurious Cat Has Her Very Own Custom-Made Elevator For Reaching Her Food

We often think that cats all have easy lives. We think of them as being inherently lazy creatures who would barely lift a paw to get any work done. Life for them is luxurious sleeping and napping followed by the pampering of many humans petting them throughout the days. Yes, life would seem to be quite good for the common household cat, but this is simply thinking way too narrowly about the life of a cat. The truth is that house cats actually have some pretty rough lives. Being their facade of laziness and sleep is an incredible mind at work that can’t waste time doing things like moving around the house, hunting for food, and getting work done. Yes, cats do indeed have some pretty rough lives.

Life for a cat can be long and difficult. If they had it their way, they would be able to sleep all day long without ever having to worry about silly things like getting up and eating food.

For this pet owner, he was committed to providing a better life for his cat. He didn’t want his cat to go through the struggle of moving around the house and jumping down from high places. He wanted a way to make his cats rough life just a little bit easier, and he had the perfect solution.

The solution in this case was a custom-made elevator designed for cats, and this lucky little cat is taking full advantage of all the perks.

See for yourself the hilarious footage of this cat stepping into the elevator and lowering herself down to get just a little closer to her food. It’s just way to cute. Let us know what you think, and if you thought this was as adorable as we did, then be sure to share this with family and friends.

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