They Made An Amazing Domino Set-up. But Watch Until The End. You Won’t BELIEVE Your Eyes!

Designing and constructing a set up of dominoes is an arduous and time-consuming task. It requires lots of patience and skill. And when you finally manage to see the whole thing come down, it’s all worth it. You just can’t avoid being mesmerized by it. In the video we present to you today, you’ll see a domino show that broke world records. When you see the thing coming down, you will not be able to stop! In the video, we can see that the makers of this show wanted to highlight different parts of the world, including China, the United States, and several other nations.

The domino show depicted in the video happened back in 2013, and it broke not 1, but 2 Guinness World Records simultaneously, all by itself. It needed an amazing total of 128,000 pieces, and the whole thing was constructed inside of a school’s basketball field. Everyone who passed by the show was completely blown away by it. As you can see on the clip, they all got excited and cheerful when they saw all the dominoes topple down spectacularly. You can’t say they weren’t entertained!

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