Magic fingers make fur something of the past.

Everybody enjoys having a pet in the house but sometimes taking care of them can be a very exhaustive task, especially if you lack the time to dedicate it to them. The simple fact of feeding them, taking them for a walk or even taking care of their disposals can be considered as Herculean tasks if you always get home tired from work. But we are not here to talk about these minor issues. We love our pets, they are part of our families and they deserve every piece of our attention.

Instead of that, we want to share with you a practical solution for an annoying problem that all pet lovers should be familiar with, “Fur”. As simple it might be seen the hair of our pets can be very tricky at the moment of cleaning up the area, it can get anywhere and some textures like the fabric in our furniture can get extra attached to the thin filaments of short hair, turning impossible to remove.

Another major problem that we must face is the interior of our cars. The material of the carpets, cushions and every fabric in the walls can become the perfect magnet to this residue. As we are used to driving in the company of our furry friends we can find hair dropped all around, that’s why the idea of removing it all from the vehicle can result extremely difficult.

But as we promise at the beginning of this article we have the perfect solution for the problem, we found a simple hack that will allow us to wipe out more easily the affected areas. The guy on the next video showed us how critical was his situation, although he cleans his car every week there is still remains of old hair in the back of his vehicle. Even a vacuum cleaner couldn’t get rid of the nuisance hair, he passed it over the surface but it didn’t seem to work out.

After several frustrated attempts of cleaning up the car he tried a technique that a friend told him while he was investigating how to do it, the secret was to wipe the fur with the hands using an ordinary pair of rubber gloves. Once he explained the unusual method he put it on the gloves and tried one more time.

It was almost like magic, somehow every fur in the way of the glove got attached to it and after rubbing the fabric many times he gathered little fur balls in his hands and then sucked them in with the vacuum cleaner. It appears that some electrostatic effect with the rubber makes possible the attraction with the hair.

The final result wasn’t perfect but it’s a great improvement compared to the previous condition, almost all the hair was gone. If you want to watch the full video of this amazing trick just click play on the video below, don’t forget to share it with your friends we are sure they are going to be thankful!