Close-Up Magician Leaves Us Spellbound With His Epic Tricks

Tuesday was indeed a magical night on ‘America’s Got Talent’ when slight-of-hand illusionist Shim Lim walked on stage boggled the mind and senses with his special variety of close-up magic keep your eyes glued to the screen the whole time.

What happened next is impossible to describe and may make you question the nature of reality. There are no words to adequately describe the mind-bending magic we witnessed that night. One must watch to understand.

I hit the replay button this one several times just so I could catch this crafty young man at his game, but alas, I could not even with pausing and zooming. I simply couldn’t figure it out.

Neither could the judges who saw everything up close as close can be. They were clearly dazzled at the close-up display where the camera could capture every move.

Astonished Simon said, “Anyone who says they don’t believe in magic that wasn’t a trick. You girls were sitting with him. It was actually incredible. You were better this time, your presentation was better, it was eerie.”

Howie Mandel praised the young magician by saying, “You need to be in the finals. The whole time he was up there, I was, ‘How does he do it with the cards? How does he do it with the marker? How does he do it with his hair? [We laughed at that joke]. You are truly amazing. You are top of your game. You are the most amazing close-up magician we have seen.”

Judge Mel B added, “You had me at the word go. Are my eyes actually seeing what I am seeing? It is true, classic magic.”

Heidi concluded the judges’ commentary period by saying “I want to thank you for picking me so I could see it up close. You will be a household name like David Blaine or David Copperfield. I can see it.”

Close-Up Magician Leaves Us Spellbound With His Epic Tricks