How’d he do it? – Magician stumps viewers with mind-boggling stunt on AGT

Yu Hojin on AGT

‘America’s Got Talent’ has a variety of talented individuals, from singers, dancers, and even magicians. Contestant Yu Hojin wows the crowd and the judges with his unique magic show.

Yu Hojin on AGT

Howie asks his name, and he says, ‘I’m Yu Hojin, and I’m from South Korea. I live in Seoul.’ Simon says, ‘Oh wow!’ Howie asks why he’s here, and Yu says, ‘Well, the past two years, I was in the army, and then I realized I wanted the world to know my name.’

Yu tells everyone he’s been doing magic since he was 8 years old, and now he is 29. Howie asks, ‘Do your parents approve of this?’ And Yu says, ‘Ooh. Well, I used to do it secretly in the bathroom.’ The crowd laughs

Yu Hojin on AGT

‘But five years ago, my daddy found out and asked if I was going to do this, could I be the best? And I said ‘yes.’ Howie says, ‘Well, welcome to our bathroom! Good luck.’

Yu starts with a covered frame and removes the covering from the empty frame. Slow piano music plays in the background, adding suspense. Yu is beginning to live his dream!

AGT Judges

Yu makes a dove shape with his hands then a feather appears out of nowhere. He twists it around with his hands in the frame and then makes it disappear.

Yu makes it reappear, then he rubs it, and the feather grows longer. He slowly brings the feather into his hand and then opens his hand, and it is gone. In the end, he takes his hands from the frame and blows a bunch of feathers from nowhere. The crowd gives him a standing ovation. He bows, and the judges cheer him on as well. Yu smiles at the crowd, realizing he’s achieved his dream.

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How\'d he do it? – Magician stumps viewers with mind-boggling stunt on AGT