Mailman Delivers Smiles and Belly Rubs to Enthusiastic Chocolate Lab

It’s a tale as old as time; a friendly mailman becomes friends with one of the many canines on his route. When this specific mail carrier meets a chocolate lab named Chuckie, the two form a heartwarming bond.

Every day when the mail was getting delivered, Chuckie would jump for joy at just the sight of the mail truck. He would run outside and great his favorite visitor with a high-five, knowing he’d certainly earn a treat for doing so.

Without warning, the precious chocolate lab’s best friend was assigned a different route, leaving them pals of the past. Chuckie wasn’t a fan of the new mail carrier and even growled when they showed up.

To surprise her dog, Chuckie’s mom called the postal service and arranged for a visit. Like old times, the cheerful pup greeted her buddy with an endless amount of kisses, belly rubs, and handshakes.