Maine Coon cat is beyond annoyed when Mom starts dancing

One might find themselves dancing alone in the living room for multiple reasons. You could have just returned home after a long day at work, or perhaps you simply want to make the most of your day off.

Either way, who doesn’t enjoy dancing to their favorite tunes? That’s precisely what we see this woman doing: just enjoying her day listening to some music. She may enjoy the experience, but this sentiment isn’t shared by everyone.

Mom’s enjoying her day. Her visual appearance perfectly represents her mood: light colors for good vibes! She’s wearing a yellow shirt with white stripes, a pair of light-blue jeans, and socks without shoes.

After watching her for a few moments, the camera pans right, showing us someone who’s having a very *different* experience. Two spiteful yellow eyes stare back at the camera as her cat reveals his feelings.

Everything about this cat’s appearance screams “I hate this.” Appropriately captioned, the screen reads, “I hate dancing.” He refuses to even look at his mom, instead staring through the camera and into your soul.

The camera briefly returns to mom, then switches to the cat again. Has his mood improved? Nope—he’s still utterly annoyed at the situation he’s in. At this moment, he’s the perfect poster child for the phrase “grumpy cat.”

Seeing how this cat reacts to his mother dancing is pretty funny. You’re sure to burst out laughing once you see the scowl on his face! Perhaps he didn’t like her choice of music? Regardless of the reason, this video is worth a watch.


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Maine Coon cat is beyond annoyed when Mom starts dancing