America’s Got Talent Teen Earns Golden Buzzer With Chilling Rendition of ‘Warrior’

The teenager from Canyon Lake, CA performs “Warrior” by Demi Lovato. Watch as she earns the coveted Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum, which sends her straight to the live shows at the Dolby Theater.

“I love you. I think you’re absolutely incredible,” Klum explained to the teen and to the world. “I love the whole package. I love your smile. I love how you project to everyone. Your voice is incredible. Know what I’m going to do for you?” And boom. Heidi hits the Golden Buzzer.

She was the final act and before “the curtain” went up, she was all nerves. Who wouldn’t be? There was only one Golden Buzzer slot left and winning it would mean everything to the 15-year-old.

In the pre-performance lineup, the shy and nervous teenager confesses it has been a lifelong dream of hers to perform on stage ever since she was three years old.

Her mother is a teacher. Her father is a firefighter. Suffice to say, she’s been raised in an incredibly supportive environment of love and compassion for her fellow man.

Her doting mother and father joke and jest about their daughter’s commitment which often keeps them up in the wee hours of the morning. They reveal she’s very sensitive towards people, but when the mic comes on, her natural spirit shines through her crystal clear, pitch-perfect singing voice. Watch the video below and you’ll see what they mean. She’s good, folks! Golden Buzzer good.

Ultimately it was judge Heidi Klum who awarded the show’s last remaining Golden Buzzer “ticket” so to speak. It’s a ticket in a fashion because it means she zooms right to the LIVE Hollywood shows and she won’t have had to endure any further auditions until then. She’s got a Golden ticket to Hollywood.

I’m a little sad we will have to wait to see her again, but I’m relieved for her. A sigh of relief. She’s safe. For now. She’ll have some time to continue practicing and polishing her singing repertoire.

When Heidi Klum walked on stage to congratulate XX, she looked over at her fellow judges and made a prophetic remark: “I think I just found the winner.”

What do you think? Watch and leave your review in the comments section. Do you think she’s got what it takes to be the final champion?

America\'s Got Talent Teen Earns Golden Buzzer With Chilling Rendition of \'Warrior\'