‘America’s Got Talent’ teen powerhouse raises eyebrows and doubts in semi-finals twist

It was another astounding night of mesmerizing entertainment and suspense as we watched some of our favorite acts compete for the remaining slots on Season 13 of America’s Got Talent.

One such performer is young Makayla Phillips, Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer pick, who sang Jessie J’s’ “Who You Are.”

Heidi said, “I believe in you so much. You have the total package: You have the pizzazz, the personality, the look, and the voice. You need one more thing: America’s vote. Please vote for her.”

Simon added, “You came back from where you were. It was a smart move with that song. People relate to it. It was overproduced in the end. This is a tricky one. Of all the performances I have heard from you, this is the best one yet.”

Howie Mandel, however, parted with the other judges and offered some scorching feedback, “You are such an amazing singer. If you are going to be a singer, you have to blow the roof off the place. I don’t think you did. I think you have to take it up nine levels.”

Mel B was fast to disagree with Howie’s assessment of her Golden Buzzer choice, backup up her choice, “It was overproduced but your voice shone brightly.”

Loyal AFT fans will be quick to point out that Howie has been less enthusiastic about other acts with the exception of his own Golden Buzzer selection Courtney Hadwin who performed the now infamous set of performances the first of which was a rousing Janis Joplin classic and then later an equally boisterous and amazing James Brown hit.

That being said and with Courtney’s being favorite Howie’s clear favorite, many fans are somewhat skeptical about Howie’s impartiality at this point. Thankfully the final decision in the hands of America at this point.

A lot of fans are wondering if the younger singer somehow sensed she might not make the upcoming cuts with her choice of song. The lyrics give a hint:

“Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars… Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing…  It’s okay not to be okay… Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart… Tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising… Just be true to who you are.”

When you read between the words, it seems Makayla might know what’s in store for her and is reminding us not to forget her in the “blur of stars”. (Don’t worry, Makayla. We will never forget you.)

Viewers online weren’t impressed with her performance or rather, weren’t impressed enough at this stage of the game on America’s Got Talent. The competition and indeed the viewers are cut throat.

But many of were completely captivated by Makayla Phillips and the emotional backstory that honoring her firefighter father. Her voice is outstanding and it deserves to be heard.

Watch her amazing performance and enjoy her mesmerizingly beautiful vocals, then share it with a friend.