How to make DIY Christmas decorations that are inexpensive but look great

Christmas is just around the corner and you’re probably looking forward to enjoying the holidays and having a great time with friends and family. There are some chores to deal with first, one of the more daunting is the decorations. While the end result is going to be nice, it’s a lot of work to dig them out of the attic and get them set up. Inevitably, some of them will be smashed or so hopelessly out of date they finally need to be replaced. Or maybe it’s just time to add some variety to your holiday decor. In any case, shopping for ornaments is one more chore and worse, it can be an expensive one.

Here’s where do-it-yourself expert A. J. Harmon comes to the rescue. One “Saturday afternoon project” of hers is making a wreath out of dollar store ornaments, a coat hanger, and a bit of ribbon. These wreathes are easy, inexpensive, and a great way to keep the kids busy!

For all the details, check out A. J.’s video, which we’ve posted below. But here’s a quick summary of how it’s done. You’ll want to get ball-shaped ornaments that don’t break easily (there are plastic ones that will work perfectly). A mix of sizes and colors works really well and you’ll need about 50 to 80 ornaments per wreath. Work the coat hangar into circle and unwind the wire near the hook to open the circle. Now you can slip the ornaments onto the wire; you can try to make a pattern or just put them on at random. Once enough ornaments are on there, re-wind the wire and add some ribbon to hide the coat hanger hook.

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