Make These 3 Ingredient Cookies In Just 3 Minutes

Ever had a craving for cookies but just couldn’t get to the store? Sometimes it’s too late to go, other times you’re too comfy. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter after you’ve tried these three-ingredient cookies. With just three ingredients, you’ll whip up irresistible cooking in three minutes or less. Once you’ve tasted them, you may never buy sugar cookies again.

Flour, butter, and sugar are all that this simple recipe takes. Following this video rewards with golden-brown biscuits that easily look, and taste, store-bought. Bake in bulk or put together a batch fresh before breakfast or a delectable coffee break. Either way, they’re quick and affordable enough to have on hand whenever you feel like a sweet snack.

These three-minute three-ingredient cookies are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet cravings. They couldn’t be cheaper, with just a small quantity of flour, butter, and sugar combined using the video instructions here rewarding with a big batch of tasty sugar cookies that the whole family will love.