Makeup techniques for defining lips and eyes for mature women

Older women can benefit from using products designed for mature skin. This video features the founder of Look Fabulous Forever, Tricia Cusden, as one of her makeup artists shows older women how to emphasize their lips and eyes.

As women age, they are often told to tone down makeup, especially around the eyes and lips. This tutorial shows how to brighten up these features in a way that is still age appropriate.

Carol is the lovely model featured in this video, and Linda is the professional makeup artist demonstrating the techniques. She uses brand-specific products throughout the entire video.

An important step for both lips and eyes is primer. Primer evens and smooths out the area to ensure that additional products will go on smoothly and last a long time. Linda applies primer and gives it time to set.

The eyelids are brightened with a shimmery silver shadow to make them look larger. The shadow also acts as an eyelid smoother. Adding a thin layer of eyeliner right along the lash line also gives the illusion of fuller lashes which tend to thin with age. Adding mascara emphasizes the eye look.

Another step to defining the eyes is to groom and fill in the brows. Tricia recommends using a fine brush to draw in tiny hairs instead of filling out the brow with a harsh line.

For the lips, Linda traces along the entirety of the lip with a liner that is close to Carol’s natural lip color. It is recommended not to line outside the lips because that can be too dramatic.

After the lips are lined, use feathery strokes to build up the color to the desired shade and blend it into the liner. Giving time between coats of lipstick helps the overall look last longer.

The final look is natural and age-appropriate for Carol. She looks confident and professional with the techniques Linda uses. It is crucial to choose products that work well with aged skin to produce a result that isn’t too dramatic.

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Makeup techniques for defining lips and eyes for mature women