Makeup tutorial for mature women seeking a fresh and dewy look

Look Fabulous Forever is a makeup line specifically for older women. This video features the founder of the company, Tricia Cusden, as she explains how older women can use makeup to look younger.

Tricia emphasizes that the overall look of older skin is more important than hiding wrinkles. She outlines a straightforward five-step makeup routine for mature women to look younger.

The model featured in this video is Anne, an older woman looking for a fresh-faced new look. Linda is a professional makeup artist performing the makeover and uses Look Fabulous Forever products for the whole process.

Linda uses separate primers for the eyes, face, and lips. Primer fills in fine lines and pores while also helping makeup last longer. It serves as a smooth foundation for makeup that is added later on.

Next, Linda uses a base foundation matched to Anne’s skin to add warmth. Using a light foundation on older skin is essential to avoid a heavy, caked-on look. Foundation is buffed into the skin with a brush to ensure complete coverage and even skin tone.

Concealer is used to camouflage minor blemishes, broken veins, and age spots, with particular attention paid to the eyes’ corners and the nose’s bridge. These areas are prone to thinner skin with age and are more easily damaged.

Linda uses a highlighter on the cheekbones and simple eye makeup to bring out Anne’s features. Mascara and shimmery eyeshadow bring out the eyes and make them appear larger. Filled-in brows and a sheer lip help frame the face and bring the look together.

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Makeup tutorial for mature women seeking a fresh and dewy look