“LOL! These 9 Kitties ‘Help’ Mom Make The Bed! ADORABLE!”

Let’s face it. If you’ve got a kitten, then you’ve got a kid! But imagine if you had nine ornery, playful kittens. Oh my! LOL!! They can be just as big a hand full especially when someone is trying to do housework!

That is exactly what happens to the mommy in this video as she tries to make the bed. (Just look at the smile on her face, she wouldn’t have it any other way!)

These nine little kittens are Sphynx cats — a truly beautiful and exotic breed. In this video they are downright adorable trying to get their owners attention as she tries to make the bed!

The little kittens keep getting in her way and she keeps trying to move them. But at no given time does she lose her patience with them. In fact, at times she seems to be enjoying their antics. Who wouldn’t!

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