Malicious Men Tell Their Dogs To Kill A Fox, Until A Stranger Does The Impossible

In 2005 England and Wales passed the Hunting act, which is a law that prohibits the use of dogs in the sport of hunting. Nevertheless, hunting groups still exist and they try to ignore this act, and they still use hounds to kill. However, these wrongdoers are not left unpunished. Hunt Monitors is an organization whose mission is to bring the persecutors of wildlife to justice, and see that the Hunting Act is upheld.

In the video featured below we see two Hunt Monitor members arrive to a brutal scene. A huntsman had just sent his pack of hounds into the woods, and their victim is a young fox. The hunt monitor, upon witnessing the innocent fox hiding and considering her imminent death, snaps into action, putting herself in harm’s way to save the fox.

Seeing the fox helpless, on her back, her belly fully exposed, the hunt monitor dives right into the pack of hounds in order to take the fox into her arms. She courageously ran back, exposing herself to the fierce dogs and escaping along with the traumatized fox! Her colleague filmed everything including the horrible persecutions from the hunters. Thanks to the Hunt Monitors, the fox has no serious injuries. She’s been transferred to a rehabilitation area where she will be safe from any other hunters.

it is truly nice to see that there are organizations like Hunt Monitors, devoted to the safety and the care of animals. Check out the video below and share it on social media to spread awareness!

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