Maltipoo Puppy Starts Loudly Complaining. Her Mommy Is At A Loss — Until The Pup Sees THIS!

It’s tough raising puppies. Just like a human baby, they really can’t tell you what’s wrong when they cry. For their mommies, it’s all a process of elimination. They find out if they are hungry by feeding them. They may sniff and see if they can detect anything going on with their bodies – perhaps they might try to alert a human if they smell something that’s off-kilter. Other times, it’s unexplainable… like this video clip from Animal Planet’s great show, “Too Cute”.

We see a bunch of Maltipoo puppies in a house. They are all two weeks old and they are the cutest things ever. It’s naptime for them and all of the puppies conk out… except for one. Her name is Millie and she wriggle-crawls to the edge of the blanket that they are all sleeping on and starts fussing loudly. Something is making her upset. Is she hungry? Sick? Gassy? Just wants mommy’s attention?

Millie’s mom, Zoe, quickly goes over and sniffs to see if she can detect any problems that might be causing Millie to be agitated. She can’t find anything and Millie keeps whining. She lets all the pups feed on her, but the maltipoo pup keeps on making her noises. Zoe and Oliver, her daddy, don’t know what the problem is… and the cat is starting to get annoyed. Then all of a sudden, Millie spots something on the floor.

What is it that she sees? Why, it’s a doggie ball! Millie decides she wants to play with it, and her problems go away all of sudden. No more whining, no more fussing. She chews on the ball… and it eventually tires her out. She’s content now and lays her head down to rest. Now Zoe and Oliver can rest some too… before the pups wake up again and demand more food, of course. Being a mommy dog is a lot like being a human mommy, no sleep early on.

Wasn’t Millie so cute? I was smitten with her the second I saw her. It’s too bad that I’m not allowed to have dogs where I live. They can’t tell me not to watch dog videos, though. Didn’t you love Millie when you saw her? Tell us what you think. If you liked this story, share it with a friend. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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