Mama bear takes quick dip in family swimming pool

A family in Arcadia was shocked to find a mother bear wading in their backyard swimming pool while her baby cubs waited patiently.

A family of bears decided to take a detour into an Arcadia family’s backyard for a quick swim in this shocking moment caught on video.

While the family watched from just inside their home, the mother bear settled into the swimming pool shallow end, enjoying the cool water while her cubs watched.

The darling little cubs waited patiently on the sidewalk for their mother to finish her swim before following her across the grass and out of the yard.

Of course, there was one cub – the smallest one – who did not get the message that his family was leaving. So, his mother had to come back and pick him up.

It was an absolutely mesmerizing scene, with the bears acting so casually as though they had been in that backyard many times before.

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