Mama cat gives birth with help from her friend… The dog!

It really does seem like cats and dogs are natural antagonists. There’s a Russian folk legend that claims cats and dogs don’t get along because the devil tricked each of them into thinking the other has its rightful fur. That’s funny, but probably not the real reason. It could be a personality conflict (pack animal versus solitary predator). It could also be about territory: cats don’t always like to share. However, with some human-supervised socialization and a lot of patience, it is sometimes possible to get a cat and dog to live under the same roof, more-or-less peacefully. Frequently, the cat ends up ruling the roost. An arching back, puffing tail, and the threat of razor-sharp claws can intimidate even the largest dogs.

While the miracle of birth is a truly amazing thing, it can be fraught with risk and excruciatingly painful. Human moms, at least, usually have help: a doctor or midwife and plenty of painkillers. Wild animals, however, are completely on their own, with only instinct to get them through the ordeal of giving birth. When pet is in labor, he humans friends may want to do whatever they can to help, even if it’s just being present and offering moral support.

In the video posted below, you’ll see something you might never have imagined possible: a mother cat being helped through the birthing process by a dog! This dog and cat were obviously extremely close friends: mama cat isn’t going to let just anyone near her newborns. The most remarkable thing is the way the dog gently licks each kitten, perhaps his way of welcoming them into the world and reassuring them that he’s a friend.

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