Mama Cat Goes Into Labor! Rescue Team Called In To Keep Her And The Babies Safe!

Sometimes life does not treat animals fairly. This mama cat was living on the streets. She was terrified, hungry, scared, and she was pregnant. She became scared one day while she was at a mall and she ran into a loading dock and would not come out.

The doors could not be opened because of her position. It would have killed the mama cat and her babies, and a local animal rescue was called in to rescue this cat.

However, mama cat went into labor while she was in the loading dock, and a careful plan was required to get her out of the dock and save the lives of her and her five kittens.

Fortunately, rescuers were able to get her out of the dock and to safety, but unfortunately only three of her kittens survived. A week later, though, Mama and her babies are living in a foster home and she is being a very loving mother.

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