Mama cat needs help herding her kittens inside

Because cats are independent and investigative, people often assume our feline friends are apathetic. This heartwarming display of a mama cat with her little ones proves just how false that assumption is.

At just one month old, these tiny kittens looked to their loving mama for everything: food, protection and the lessons they would need to survive. So, they followed the beautiful white cat everywhere she went.

The three kittens were small enough to fit in a person’s hand. But the mama cat did not let her worries keep her babies from receiving all the enrichment they needed. That was why she brought them outside with her.

The kittens clambered around and explored the yard under their mother’s watchful eye. But after a short period, the mama cat decided it was time for her family to go inside.

There was just one problem. When the mama went up the stairs to the door to the house, the babies could not follow her. Even when she herded her little ones to the foot of the steps, they were too short to climb up.

If that was not enough, the beleaguered mother also had one baby who had decided to nap in an outdoor playpen. With help from her owners, the mama cat finally got all four of her babies on the deck.

There was just one more step she had to take. She needed to lead them inside. Fortunately, with some prodding, all her babies lined up and followed their mom into the house.

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Mama cat needs help herding her kittens inside