Mama Cat Is An Old Friend Of That Dog. When She Takes Her Kittens To Him, Watch How He Reacts

Cats are said to be the mortal enemies of dogs, but countless videos have already shown us how wrong that stereotype actually is. You have probably seen many videos on the internet depicting the unusual friendship between a feline and a canine yourself. But this clip right here takes it to a whole new level! You are going to melt when you see what happens here!

The mama cat in this clip seems to be an old friend of the dog featured alongside her. After she delivers her kittens, she visits the dog with them. Looks like she wants to introduce them to each other or maybe she just wants to use him as a babysitter!

The kittens wander over the dog, curious about this new being. Mama is close by and gives the dog a friendly swat on the nose, but when the dog starts playing with her kittens, she moves away. Looks like she’s going to get some much needed rest while the dog entertains them.

What amazes me is the trust this cat has towards the pooch! She sits on the sidelines as the dog and the kittens have some fun. The kittens give the dog a few playful swats on the nose and seem to like playing with his feet. He’s on his back enjoying all the attention. Such a sweet meeting of old and new pals.

Watch this heart-melting video below! Did this meeting of old pals make you smile? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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