Mama cat raises 5 adorable kittens with grandma cat’s help

Adorable kitten

Barbra Sundquist worked as a local volunteer at a cat rescue organization. A caretaker of industrial property in Vancouver Island, Canada, contacted them about a stray cat. The female cat was pregnant and had shown up at their premises.


Sundquist decided to foster the cat and got the poor animal home. She named the cat Cannelloni after the pasta. At first, the cat was terrified of her new owner. She would always hiss whenever Sundquist tried to go near her.

Cats are more hormonal and protective when they’re pregnant. So Sundquist would sit down on the floor and read a book or watch a movie to have Cannelloni get used to her.

Adorable kitten

Soon Cannelloni learned how to love her foster mom. Two weeks after the cat came to her foster home, she delivered 5 kittens. As she named the mama cat Cannelloni, Sundquist named all the kittens after different kinds of pasta.

The 5 kittens got the names Ravioli, Penne, Gemelli, Gnocchi & Trenette. Once the cat delivered all the babies, she got a little help from someone extraordinary. That was Cannelloni’s mother, Bella.

Adorable kittens

Bella was absolutely adorable. Sundquist knew this would be of great help for Cannelloni to have her mom helping her with the little ones. The grandma cat took care of the kittens instantly. Soon the kittens found new homes and left with their families.

The mama cat still lived at her foster home. Sundquist could pet her, but she wasn’t sure if Cannelloni wanted to be adopted. The foster mom knew that it would be hard for the cat to adjust indoors. Hence, Sundquist found a family with a barn. They would let the cat come and go as she pleases. The foster mom believes helping the scared cat and giving her a second chance at a safe life is pretty rewarding.

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Mama cat raises 5 adorable kittens with grandma cat\'s help