Mama Cat Takes Her Babies To See An Old Pal of Hers. The Friend? UNBELIEVEABLE!

As a mother, taking your kids to meet an old friend can be awkward. They are sure to pester you with questions like, “How did you meet him? What’s he like? Is he our daddy? We’re just kidding. Is he really our daddy?” and so forth. Then you worry about them all getting along. It’s tough… especially if the male friend is a different species.

That happened when the mama cat took her kittens to meet her best friend, a dog. The video starts with her coming up to the dog and then giving him a playful swipe on the face like, “Behave, you!” Then the dog starts playing with the kittens, but you can tell that he’s restraining himself. After finishing with them, he and the mama play-tussle for a little bit before they depart. There were no signs that they made plans for another get together since neither of them pulled out a smart phone and put in dates in a calendar app.

I always love seeing videos where animals that normally don’t get along, do. There was once a show where it showed a dog, cat, and mouse who all got along. The dog would walk around with the cat on his back, and then the mouse would ride the cat’s back. It was an amazing sight, and it’s a good thing it wasn’t in NYC since their walking around would cause major accidents.

Videos like this always give me hope for the rest of the world. The recent Presidential election exposed a lot of warring sides. Neither side wants to truly listen to the other. What should happen is that they should all be locked in a giant room and be made to watch this video on loop for a minimum of five hours. They can’t leave until they hug it out. Can we draft legislation for this? Call your local congressman.

This video gave me hope. If cats and dogs can get along… Don’t you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

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