Mama Dachshund Gives Birth To 6 Adorable Puppies

We can all agree that puppies are one of the greatest things about life. Their adorably floppy ears, wet noses, and wobbly walk could melt the coldest heart. But wait until you get a glimpse of these newborn dachshunds.

LouLou is a precious dachshund who rose to fame on the internet thanks to her loving owner and impossibly cute antics. When fans found out their favorite pup was pregnant with a little of six, everyone was at the edge of their seat.

She had a relatively easy birth that resulted in the most precious four-legged critters you’ve ever seen. Thankfully, LouLou’s owner caught everything on camera. As soon as the little puppies are born, they get a bath from mom and begin nursing.

Their heartwarming whimpers and cute whines are sure to put a smile on your face. It’s hard to watch these videos and not immediately get in the car to go to the animal shelter. We’re happy to report LouLou, and the pups are healthy as could be.