Mama deer proudly showing off her new baby is absolutely priceless

Mama and baby dear

The video begins inside, peering out a glass window. There are a bunch of deer standing just outside. @SnowFrickenWhite slowly slides the door open and gasps: “Mama, is that your baby!?”.

Mama and baby dear

Apparently, this viral TikTok star is on a very friendly basis with these deer, who often visit her home in search of tasty treats. They aren’t scared at all when she steps outside. In fact, four of the deer wander right up to her!

The camera zooms in on the baby deer lying down next to the deck box across the tiled deck space. The little one looks briefly at the camera before turning his attention to his mom, who’s poking at him with her nose.

Baby dear

The video zooms back out, and now we can see all the deer that have surrounded @SnowFrickenWhite. She holds out her hand. The deer nuzzle, sniff, and lick her hand; they obviously come here a lot! They want pets!

She makes sure to give all of the deer near her some affection, but she’s still captivated by the little deer lying down. Very slowly, she wanders closer to get a better look at the tiny baby.

Mama and baby dear

The baby looks so cute, lying down next to a large rock. He seems to understand that this is a safe space, as he doesn’t get frightened when she gets closer.

This adorable video ends with a shot of Mama Deer and baby deer right next to each other. Although she never touches the tiny deer, we’re sure she will eventually: it’s only a matter of time!


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Mama deer proudly showing off her new baby is absolutely priceless