Mama Delivers 10 Puppies, But Something About Her 9th Shocks Everyone!

When a puppy named Ricochet was born into the world, it was established since birth that she would be trained at a learning program that would teach her how to become a service dog. Her training would start the day she was born and would continue as she grew older until she could be certified to work with people with disabilities.

As this beautiful video will show, Ricochet learned quickly, and even as a young and playful pup, she could demonstrate impressive tasks such as opening doors and turning off lights. Ricochet was proving that she definitely had what it took to work with people with disabilities, but as she got older, trainers discovered a problem…

Although this young dog was very skilled, she soon started to get distracted and would chase after birds when she was outside. They knew that ultimately, Ricochet’s easily distractible behavior could be dangerous for any human she may be servicing. That’s when they made the difficult decision to take her out of the training program.

Ricochet’s owner was understandably a bit sad, but soon accepted that Ricochet simply wasn’t born to be a service dog. So, instead of forcing Ricochet into doing something that she just wasn’t meant to do, they soon discovered her true passion. You’ll have to see this to believe it! And the best part is, she is still helping others while doing what she truly loves! What an amazing pup!

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