Mama Delivers Her FIRST Puppy, But Wait Till You See WHAT Happens Then! You Won’t Believe It!

The three-year-old Staffordshire featured in the video below is called Diva. This pooch met a 13-year-old shepherd mix called Joey, and their meeting resulted in Diva getting pregnant with thirteen puppies. Fifty-nine days later, Diva went into labor. She was a bit nervous and unsure of herself because she had never given birth before.

Her owner, Pepijn, helped her while she gave birth to her adorable litter. Diva obviously was not experienced in delivery, but her human parents made sure she got their full support. They cared for her during the birth of her tiny puppies.

Diva was guided through the process by her owners showing her that she needed to break the sac around each puppy and stimulate them by licking them. She caught on pretty quickly, and after the first few puppies were born safely, she seemed to relax a bit and the births went smoothly.

Fortunately, all the thirteen puppies were born alive and healthy. In this clip, we get to see the full delivery. The video might be graphic to some viewers, but you need to stay for the ending! It is truly adorable! They sure are a noisy, hungry bunch, but Diva seems to love them and seems happy that they are healthy and nursing. It looks like she is going to be a good mom, but how on earth is she going to feed them all? She’s going to be exhausted!

Watch this amazing video below! What are your thoughts about the birth of these adorable puppies? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section!

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