Mama Dog Can’t Figure Out Why Her Pup Is Whining! The Reason Why Will Leave You SMILING!

All babies need a lot of love and attention and this is one time when mothers are content to have their little ones around them, to see to their every need. When the four Maltipoo puppies were only two weeks old, they were kept on a soft carpet and wee playing around. Fortunately for the mum and dad, the puppies were so small, that they were content to stay in one place which was fine by their parents.

However, Millie, one of the puppies started crying. The mama dog started to feed her puppies, but the little one didn’t stop her whining. The mama dog paced up and down, trying to figure out why her precious little baby was crying but could find no problem.

Suddenly, the crying stops. Mama dog looks around to see what calmed down Millie, and that’s when she noticed the puppy had noticed her mama’s blue ball and was playing with it. Being so small her playing with it meant she mostly tried to gnaw it… unsuccessfully may I add, before plonking herself down next to her siblings for a nap.

Who knows what was making Millie cry? I have no clue, and neither did the mama or dada dog. I guess the blue ball worked its magic and distracted the little one. Has your pet cried for no reason, and has something calmed it down? Write in and let us know your stories in the section below – we love hearing from you!

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