Firefighters Arrive To Find A Home In Flames – Then Spot A Dog With Something in Her Mouth

Dog saves her puppies from fireA mother’s bravery knows no bounds. In the video, this mother rescues all of her children from a burning house all by herself. Quite an astounding feat.

In this case, the mother was a family dog who went back into a burning home numerous times to rescue her one-day-old pups.

Dog saves puppies from fireWhen their job was concluded, they noticed this brave mother. They could not believe what they discovered.

And it is incredible where the dog chose to put her family. She has put them in the safest place possible, the fire truck.

Dog saves puppies from fire - dog in fire truck

As soon as all of the pups were safe in the fire truck, the mother dog snuggles down beside her pups to keep them safe.

When the vet checked out the pups for any injuries, luckily they were all ok — much thanks to this very protective mom and these very compassionate firefighters.