Mama Duck Leads Her 12 Kids Down A Busy Street With her Own Security Detail

Ducklings normally tend to hatch around spring or late spring. After the ducklings hatch, Mama duck will make sure to lead her gang to the water within the next 24 hours to teach them to swim. But sometimes, the mother’s nest isn’t very close to any kind of water body. So getting her children safely to one is a tough task, especially with so much human commotion around and so many little ones to watch over. Without knowing, we could be endangering the little ones and their mom.

The video below features a mama duck leading her twelve little ducklings on a possibly risky journey to the South Saskatchewan River. Apparently, people were very concerned about the family’s safety, and some concerned citizens made a call to get some help for this adorable duck family.


This call spurred the members of the Saskatoon Police Service bike unit into action. They ended up escorting the little family of ducks through downtown Saskatoon until they reached their destination safely.

They made sure the ducks didn’t get hit by a car or fall into a drain. I think these policemen deserve some recognition for this selfless deed. I know it’s not crime-fighting, but while that was left to other officers, these kind servicemen took time out of their workday to help these ducks.

Mama Duck Leads Her 12 Kids Down A Busy Street With her Own Security Detail