This Mama Elephant Blocks The Road For A Special Reason. Aww, I Can’t Stop Smiling!

Elephants are one of the most magnificent and intelligent creatures in the world. They are not only stunning to look at, but these gentle giants are also very curious and sociable, working together to protect and care for other members of the herd. Some people even think that their intelligence rivals that of humans themselves! Elephants are also known to be very dedicated to their family and their herd. Take, for example, the caretaker elephant in the video shown below.

This clip was captured in Gorumara National Park in West Bengal, India. At the beginning of the video, you can see a huge elephant chasing after a man in a bicycle. This is enough to make your hair stand on end, but then something incredible happens.

We soon get to see the reason behind her behavior. You can see in the video that two cars and a bus are also stopped on the road, and this elephant isn’t moving to let them pass. She’s blocking the road on purpose.

She put herself as a lookout on the road in order to protect the safety of her herd, of which there were several baby elephants. This mama is trying to block the road so that her herd can pass by without any disturbance or danger from humans!  She apparently understands traffic better than some people do! The way she looks out for her family will win your heart!

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